Satellite TV distributors, manufacturers request license fee reduction

Prominent local satellite-TV-system distributors and manufacturers are currently seeking an abatement of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission’s (NBTC) license fee, asserting that they are also an essential part of supporting and delivering quality content to viewers.

Infosat Managing Director and Satellite Dish Club President Niran Tangpiroontham said that the reduction must be allowed for network providers like equipment distributors and manufacturers, for reasons being their business is a key part of the supply chain of the broadcasting industry.

Echoing the voice of other companies in the industry, PSI Holding Managing Director Napasak Kotwiboon said: “I personally suggest that a network provider with its own TV channel should get a 15-per-cent discount on the normal annual license fee if it is committed to delivering informative and education-oriented programs in more than 50 per cent of its time slots.”

The draft regulation on NBTC license fee reduction and exemption will grant the public-service digital terrestrial TV broadcasters to decrease their fee in half if they are able to use more than 50 per cent of their airtime for information, news and edutainment programs. This will also help defer the community-based services fee.

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