My-HD Media collaborates with Arabsat to expand channel reach

Middle Eastern HD TV platform My-HD Media made an announcement during the CABSAT 2013 conference that the company signed a long-term strategic partnership with Arabsat, a leading satellite service provider in the Middle East.

Under the terms of the contract, Arabsat will help My-HD Media expand the reach of its bouquet of channels to more than 170 million viewers in more than 80 countries across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and beyond.

“I am pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Arabsat… It has always been a frontrunner in the region and a prime hotspot for HD in MENA, and our partnership is intended to give us a valuable platform to provide superior HD content to over 170 million viewers across the (MENA) region,” My-HD Media CEO Cliff Nelson said in a statement. “We aim to build a diversified bouquet of 40 HD family entertainment channels and we are confident that our association with Arabsat will be a long term profitable collaboration that will add significant value to both parties but most importantly to the end consumer.”

Echoing the statement of Nelson, Arabsat CEO Khalid Balkheyour noted: “The main objective from our successful alliance with My-HD Media will provide a commercially viable, mass market ready, end-to-end distribution platform to the broadcasters on Arabsat. My-HD Media will allow broadcasters to capture additional HD business across MENA. At the same time we are further expanding Arabsat’s HD reach and HD leadership in the market.”

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